DiFara’s $5 slice: ‘like they dug up my Grandmother and she made the pie’

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Photo by Paul Lowry

Is DiFara pizza in Midwood worth $5 a slice–or $25 for a whole pie? That’s the question The Times is tackling today in a piece that tries to assess whether an exemplary triangle of crust, sauce and cheese merits twice the going rate of roughly $2.50. DiFara’s slice price went up a buck to $5 on July 1. The best quote comes from retired Brooklyn electrician Frank Mancino, a regular who affirms that yes, the pizza is worth $5 per, because “It’s like they dug up my grandma and she made the pie.” (Yum!) Also on board is an off-duty cop who doesn’t mind waiting an hour and 20 minutes to pay $61 for two pies and four drinks. Others, not so sure.


  1. DiFara gets my vote as the best pizza around. I’ve even had my share of the home made stuff in Italy but still prefer DiFara in the end. All of that said, $5.00 a slice? Come on!!

  2. The best you will ever eat: no comparison to ordinary Grimaldis or ok Spumoni Gd. If you want the best go to E16 & J on Q train

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