The Devil came down to New York to complain about the Pope’s visit

Everyone seemed real excited about Cool Pope visiting New York last week, whether you were a firm believer in the tenets of Catholicism or had a love of pageantry and/or the idea of drivers made angry and crazy by street closures. One person, or we guess less “person” and more eternal symbol of darkness and evil, who wasn’t happy about Pope Francis being in town was The Morning Star Himself, our lord and master, The Devil. And as you do when you’re The Devil, Satan cruised Washington Square Park to ask New Yorkers if they were also annoyed by the Pope’s visit.

Okay, you got us, it wasn’t really The Devil, it was actually just Late Night Basement’s Chris Rose wandering around in a quickly thrown together Devil outfit. And while he wasn’t able to sell tickets to see the Pope to everyone, he did (probably correctly) theorize that Satan himself was responsible for all of the Williamsburg Starbucks angst and he got a guy to sing Maroon 5, which is pretty evil.

Screenshot 2015-09-28 at 12.33.54 PM

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