Deal of the day: $20 of food at GoogaMooga for $10

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Mac and cheese from Crawfish Monica. Get more of this for less of that. “That” being money, of course. via Facebook

GoogaMooga: fun in theory, until you remember you have to pay for all that damn food. And yet, even if you tell yourself you’ll only go to one or two places, once you show up and get a little liquored up, you’ll want to eat all the food. So at least you can grab this $10 coupon that entitles you to $20 worth of food at GoogaMooga.

Yep, buy this and you can give yourself the itis twice as hard as you were planning on doing it. Those of you without tickets are probably a little po’ed at us, which is understandable. But there’s something in this offer for you too: buying this coupon is yet another way to get entrance to Brooklyn’s festival of gluttony. Sure paying $10 for entrance to a free festival sounds silly, but: A. it’s better (though less charitable) than paying $35 to get in and B. all of your friends are going to send you stupid pictures of the food they’re eating. May as well beat them to the punch.

It’s also more of a guantee than sitting around and hoping that you win a contest to get in. Of course, is it fair to give tickets to companies that would ask you to pay to get in after a bunch of people were shut out? No, it probably was not.

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