Dating website trying to fly plane full of single NYC women out to San Francisco

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You could take romantic trolley rides, we guess? via Flickr user Werkmens

Dating in New York City is tough these days (although it could also be the case that it’s tough anywhere during all of the days). Mostly it comes down to numbers, and single women outnumber single men by 150,000. On the other hand, San Francisco has a ton of single dudes. Dating website The Dating Ring has decided that the best way to solve this dilemma is to do crowdfunding to pack a plane full of single women and send them to San Francisco to unleash them on the single dude population there. Looks like we picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue.

The idea is certainly novel, although to our ears, the idea of crowdfunding $50,000 for a 747 full of single women to go on dates with single guys in San Francisco sounds like the world’s most complicated sex trafficking operation. According to the organizers, women desperate enough to meet a nice man (even one of San Francisco’s notoriously unpopular tech dudes) can either give them $500 to guarantee themselves a ticket, or they can donate $20 to enter themselves for the chance to get a free ticket. Sure that $20 would probably be better spent taking shots at Union Pool until you’re dunk enough to convince yourself that this hipster trash boy won’t be awful like the rest, but hey, it’s your life!

Quick unscientific polling revealed women known to Brokelyn to be universally against the idea (“God that is stupid,” replied one, with another exclaiming “NO. NONONONONONONO”) but what about the rest of you. Would you go across the country for the chance to date guys who casually talk about their funding rounds instead of their bands, and who see no shame in wearing GoogleGlass while having sex as opposed to not wearing anything while fucking?

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