Open thread: is finding a good guy to date in Brooklyn really harder than anywhere else?

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Oh why can’t Brooklyn boys be fly like they used to be? via

Doesn’t matter where I live, or how old I am; for as long as I can remember, women have bitched about men. Fuck and run, even when I was 12. In New Orleans, where I’m from, it used to be, oh, they’re all drunks and druggies who can’t get a real job. At Oberlin, where I went to college, it was, oh, they’re a bunch of weirdos who think they can just do whatever they feel like. And now that I live in Brooklyn, every girl I talk to is sure the men here are the worst—too broke to buy you a drink, too busy shitheaded to text you back, and somehow don’t even want to get it on as much as you do, what? My conclusion, based on raw data amassed from a lifetime of being a heterosexual woman, is a version of Daria’s famous quote: “Men suck no matter what, so don’t be fooled by location changes.” Am I wrong? 

Beyond these convictions declared confidently over drinks in bars from zip code to zip code, now there’s a new theory thrown into the mix: I keep hearing it’s my generation that’s fucked, you know, the feckless millenial man who won’t come through for you. Yesterday, over at Jezebel, writer Hillary Crosley reported on a study claiming that young men, beat down by this economy, were more likely to feel insecure about their own shortcomings in light of their partner’s success, whereas women more often felt the opposite. Combine a study like that with stories of Brooklyn men not measuring up, even short films about it, and it’s hard not to believe being a single girl in Brooklyn is the toughest predicament. Unless you’re of the mind that it’s our fault for having too high standards.

I, for one, still stand by my half Liz Phair, half Daria-inspired theory. What do you gals think?

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