Dance yrself clean tonight for free at the Bell House

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Look at James Murphy and tell him you’re gonna pick Cut Copy instead. via Facebook

1. CSA members compete against each other in the cooking competition The Great CSA Smackdown. You’re the real winner since you get to eat without cooking for yourself (Monday)

2. Get through the end of your Monday by drinking to your knowledge of ephemera at Roebling Inn’s trivia night (Monday)

3. The world isn’t over, which means comedy show Apocalypse Wow is still at the Cameo Gallery to keep making you laugh (Monday)

4. Get a pep talk on the importance of keeping at it in your writing, so that you don’t give up and deprive the world of your masterpiece. Unless you’re really bad at writing? The maybe give up (Tuesday)

5. Tandem has the best in locally grown drag in Brooklyn, at a fair price: free (Tuesday)

6. Have a whiskey and coke at Freddy’s and watch New York’s best writers, poets and musicians. And then have a whiskey and coke with them (Tuesday)

7. Check out the opening of “Great Good Places of Brooklyn,” artist John Tebeau’s drawings of the bars in Brooklyn he considers to the best good places around (Wednesday)

8. Hear about how someone used LIC’s Citibank building as a sundial, and other urban landscape phenomena at Lectures on the Urban Landscape (Wednesday)

9. A book full of “delicate psychosexual drawings” from a Canadian artist is bound to be interesting, so check out Marcel Dzama at BookCourt (Wednesday)

10. Want to start your own brewery? Before you start that Kickstarter, get some knowledge from Elysian Brewing’s Dick Cantwell when he pops in to Bitter & Ester’s. He’s bringing beer, of course  (Thursday)

11. Once you get your glasses fixed at this free glasses repair party at the Monocle Order, people will stop telling you how they’re crooked on your face and start taking you more seriously (Thursday)

12. Greenlight Books’ humor series Steamboat! welcomes writers from Pendulous Breasts Quarterly, and who are you to say a name like that isn’t funny? (Thursday)

13. Sadly, there’s no Moby-Dick marathon this year, but that doesn’t mean WORD isn’t spending a night devoted to sea shanties, whaling tales and other giant whale-related activities (Friday)

14. OG foodie Alice Waters is coming to BookCourt to drop some knowledge on the wonders of vegetable-based recipes (Friday)

15. Get your weekly dose of French disaffected ennui at Coucou Brooklyn’s Serge Gainsbourg party. Don’t forget your sneering self-regard! (Friday)

16. Head On is pitting LCD Soundsystem against Cut Copy in a battle of indie dance rock supremacy that looks like an easy first round knockout for James Murphy and Co. (Friday)

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