Dance and sing to the end of R.E.M. as we know it

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Stipe, Buck and other uncredited members of REM

This has been a rough year for breakups: LCD Soundsystem, the White Stripes, Rilo Kiley; not even corporate Cylons the Black Eyed Peas were safe. And then last week, R.E.M., a band older than most people reading this site, finally called it quits, leaving behind a legacy that set up much of the music we in Brooklyn love today (it used to be called “college radio;” which I guess would now be called “college internet streaming live broadcast buffering rock”). So in Brooklyn fashion, you can send the band out with a big ass party: on Oct. 6, The Diamond is hosting a free R.E.M. tribute night, where DJ Russ will spin from the entire back catalog: hits,misses, the one song from Sesame Street and other obscurities. You can request songs on the FB page, and study those “End of the World as We Know It” lyrics for one last drunken shout-a-long.

The Diamond, 43 Franklin St., Greenpoint, 7pm.

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