The Daily Show checks in on Bill de Blasio’s inevitable victory

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When they’re right, they’re right.

This mayoral election has not exactly not lacked for drama. Or to put it more simply, poor Joe Lhota never really seemed to have a chance. An absence of drama though, also means an absence of comedy, so we haven’t seen The Daily Show check in on the election in its backyard, until they did last night. Their takeaway? We’re trading an exceptionally tiny mayor for an “implausibly tall” one, who’s won the race before it was over.

To be totally honest, the thought hadn’t occurred to us that we’re trading a mayor who is so very tiny for one that would be able to dunk if he were any good at basketball. It’s kind of a shame The Daily Show waited until last night to focus on the general election, seeing as how they missed out on Joe Lhota’s increasingly insane “Back to the 80s” ads and Bill de Blasio’s wedding mullet. But, the “pre-victory” party was great, we still got a couple good shots in at both candidates and more importantly, a body check on Mayor Leprechaun again, which we may as well do as long as he’s still here.

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