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Cycle and the city: Get schooled on how to ride safely, this weekend

Before you hop on, you might want to study up
Before you hop on, you might want to study up

More and more, people are reporting seeing bike share stations on the street. Great, awesome, we are fans of this news. Of course, just because one has the ability to ride a bike doesn’t mean they have the skill to navigate New York’s roads. It’s a jungle out there, in the sense that cars move as if someone gave a giraffe the keys to an Escalade after it’s had a few dozen beers. If you want to avoid resorting to an angry, desperate plea with New York’s drivers, Brooklyn Skillshare will teach you how to deal with the madness out there for free, this weekend.

In addition to learning things like the best ways to lock your bike up and how to fix a flat, veteran cyclists will be on hand to talk about laws relating to bike riding and the unwritten rules of cycling. Like, “Don’t punch someone’s side view mirror, no matter how much they deserve it.” Though that could also just be an actual law, we’re unsure. Clearly we were not invited to speak because of our anger issues. Representatives from Transportation Alternatives, Recycle-A-Bicycle and WE Bike will be there to give you info on their organizations and let you know how to get involved with them. And then everything wraps up with a group ride where you can put what you learned to good use, followed by drinks at Red Lantern Bicycles. Just remember to bring a helmet, because while you may look cool without one, your hair gets all messed up in the wind and you aren’t always lucky enough to walk away with just a concussion if your head hits the asphalt.

Beat the Fare, Learn to Ride: Urban Cycling Skills 101, Saturday, April 13, 2pm – 5pm, BLDG 92, Brooklyn Navy Yard, 63 Flushing Avenue, FREE

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