Cut, Collaborate, and Zine-in’: 24-Hour Zine challenge starts Saturday

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BYOTypewriter. Photo via Flickr user by Safe Amplification Site Society.

You may have heard of the 48-Hour Film Project; but have you heard of a 24-hour ‘zine challenge? To celebrate International ‘Zine Month, the Booklyn Artist’s Alliance is challenging everyone to create a 24-page ‘zine from start to finish in just one day. Some of us brokesters used to put together a regular quarterly ‘zine and we know how tough it can be. Guess what? You can help. It’s open to everyone to come cut, paste, and collaborate harder than Vichy France to make Brooklyn’s fastest micro-publication.

The challenge starts at 1 p.m. Saturday at the Booklyn Artist’s Alliance space at 37 Greenpoint Ave, 4th fl, Ste. E4G and goes for exactly 24-hours. At the end, the BAA will print a limited run of the final product. When was the last time you pulled an all-nighter to finish something? Aside from drinking.

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