Where to go for a great curly cut in Brooklyn?

picture-394Reader Dina is looking for a Park Slope or Prospect Heights alternative to Devachan—the  curlcentric salon in SoHo. “I have tried so many places, but few deliver,” Dina writes, adding that so far she’s been happiest with Kim at Medusa. We’ve recommended Jeffrey at the Beehive (though a commenter disagreed) and heard good things about wave management at SlopeSuds, but would like to put this to our spiral-tressed sistren and brethren. Anyone?


  1. Ayelet

    I, too, used to go to Devachan in SoHo. I liked my stylist there very much, but when they raised their prices without warning, I needed to find something cheaper.

    I’ve started going to Van Sickel salon in Brooklyn Heights. They have a few stylists who are great with curly hair, plus they are far more affordable than Devachan.

    Good luck!

  2. bklyngirl

    This place isn’t in Brooklyn but it’s very close. I really like Tom at the whistle salon in the East Village. He’s done wonders for my curly hair and it’s not that expensive.

  3. Mousey Brown in Williamsburg always does a good job for me, for cuts and color. They’re a little less expensive than a lot of salons in the neighborhood. And after your cut, spend the day in McCarren Park (right next to the salon) or see a show at Pete’s Candy Store down the street. :)

  4. Carrie

    While I don’t think she’s specifically a curly hair specialist like this Jeffrey person, Monica at Jet Set Salon on Columbia St. has always done a great job with my clown-wig-type hair. The salon is friendly and affordable, so if you’re not too far away I recommend it.

  5. Scoop St.

    Although I do not have a good recommendation for you since I have straight hair, I can totally empathize with trying to find a great stylist. I was unhappy with mine for a few years and finally found one based on a great online recommendation. I hope you find a great salon- and one that isn’t too pricey! I’m sure there is someone that fits the bill in NYC.

  6. I have to add that I’ve been going to Devachan for years. I have extremely curly hair. Since I’m broke, I tried a younger stylist named April. Best haircut I’ve had in years, and while not cheap at $75, it’s a lot better than the $160 I used to spend.

  7. Amber

    I had a less than stellar experience at SlopeSuds. Not a good curly cut and not much cheaper than the junior stylists at Devachan. The extra $10 is worth it to get an amazing cut from Sophie at Devachan. I’d love to spend less in Brooklyn though if I knew where to go.

  8. My roommate, Aryn, used to work as a stylist at Devachan and while she’s now elsewhere in Soho, she does cuts & colors for curly girls at our beautiful Brooklyn brownstone in Prospect Heights! Days & times are completely flexible — really good for fitting in that late night hairdo, especially if you work late & live in the PHeights area.

    I just had my curly locks cut & colored by Aryn and she did an amazing job. Also, I promise you, MUCH cheaper than the cuts at Devachan.

    Interested? email her & set up an appointment: [email protected]

  9. emily

    My friend has crazy curly hair and was very happy with the new salon Parlor on Greenpoint Ave… said the girl really took the time to study her hair, and all the many directions it veers in, dry and plan a course of action before beginning.

  10. Erica

    I have curly hair and I am utterly devoted to my stylist, Stacie at Soon Beauty Lab. They are not in Brooklyn, but easily accessible with locations in the East Village and Chelsea.

  11. If your hair is naturally curly, this is all good info, but what about those of us who have very thick hair with a subtle natural wave and we NEED perms/body waves to keep our head looking its best? I’ve lived in Cobble Hill for almost 15 years and have yet to find an affordable salon that does spiral perms that don’t make me look like a clown or cost a fortune. I’ve had hit & miss experiences at Irene Dinov on Montague St (my stylist there for many years sadly died in an accident a few years ago), and I still go there for basic wash & cut, but I really need a fresh perm and would love to find a new place. Any suggestions?

  12. Amani

    I have very curly hair that tends to explode outwards at any hint of humidity, so I needed a great haircut to combat the frizz. I found Sinead at Pilo Arts in Bay Ridge(not my favorite for a bunch of other things, but spot on for hair styling), and I think I was charged about 50 or 60 bucks for my shoulder length hair. It came out fabulous, and a lot of people complimented the style. Just need to save a little money, but for a great cut, its definitely worth it. It sits just right around my round face. Good luck!

  13. I absolutely love Marlene at Fringe on the LES. It’s easy to get to from the Williamsburg/Greenpoint area and she is an absolutely wonderful stylist. She is very thoughtful and thorough, and she will absolutely speak her mind if she thinks your hair is going in the wrong direction. I appreciate advice and her willingness to listen to me. Plus, she’s a curly girl herself, and that makes a difference. I’m a huge fan, and so are some of my closest curly-headed friends.

    Yay! Marlene and Fringe Salon!

  14. I got my hair cut by Aryn ([email protected]) in October and she did a wonderful job.

    I have incredibly thick and very curly hair and I’ve been going to Devachan for 8 years After my last few cuts being terrible (and really expensive), I decided to find someone new. I contacted Aryn based on the recommendation above and after meeting with her and a few other people mentioned above, I decided to go with Aryn – she really seemed to know what she was talking about and she used to work at Devachan, which is a huge plus because they really do know how to cut curly hair, but at a very high price.

    Not only did she give me a great cut (she spent a lot of time on each curl – and I have lots of them), she’s really sweet and fun to talk to – my most enjoyable haircut probably ever.

    My only complaint is that she’s a little slow to respond to emails so just be patient –

  15. Anika

    Just another one to vote for the Aryn camp here. She’s great! I have really, really curly hair (3c/4a spirals for those of you up on all that curly-hair lingo) and she did an amazing job taking it from a sadly misshapen ‘fro to a sopshisticated pixie-ish do that I’ve recieved nothing but compliments on. She’s sweet, friendly and works in ALL ty[es of hair so you won’t find her shying away from your bird’s nest any time soon. Highly, highly recommended!

  16. Enisha

    I have been to very expensive hair salons specializing in curly hair, and have never liked the way anyone has cut my hair. There is usually no style to it, but Andrea Palumbos manages to make my curls look great and styled. She asks a lot of questions, and almost immediately understands what I want. I have taken friends to her and seen her work the same way with them, and they have all been more than happy with her service. I will not being getting my hair cut or dyed by anyone but Andrea while I live in NYC.

  17. I third the Andrea Palumbos recommendation. I have super curly hair to the point strangers on the subway want to touch it. I usually say no to them, but I let Andrea approach it with scissors in hand.

  18. Rachel

    Aryn cut my hair and touched up my roots today. She did a great job on both cut and color and she was very pleasant and easy to talk to she was also very caring and patient with my very small children crawling at our feet during the cut!

    For any curly girls that are looking for a Devachan trained stylist who respects curls she is a great option.

  19. Denissa

    I cancelled my appointment with Devachan and emailed Aryn about an appointment but i haven’t heard from her yet. Its been a week!

    Hope she get’s back to me before the end of December cause i’m moving back to Canada! haha

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