Escaped baby cow captured after brief adventure in Prospect Park

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Near the end of his brief time free. Photo by Rosalind Lilly

Broken free of its shackles, a brown cow stormed the area near Prospect Park and both local and national news outlets since just before noon till. While little information is currently available regarding the cow’s origins, its goals, or where it planned to run, at least two Twitter accounts took the liberty of live streaming the cow’s presumed thoughts while ABC live streamed the cow itself.

The brown cow, which took itself on a speedy trip through Brooklyn to the Parade Grounds, stole the hearts of Brooklynites even faster than the NYPD were able to cordon it off and load it into a paddy wagon, cutting short it few moments of freedom.

“Why can’t it just be free,” @kibumsdong wondered on the Periscope Web live feed, which was for a brief but wondrous hour today full of roughly 50 percent cow puns, 20 percent assumptions about the cow’s feelings, and another 30 percent random comments. Because, kibumsdong, we sadly just don’t live in that kind of world.


His cow's time with the people of Brooklyn was brief. Photo by Rosalind Lilly
His cow’s time with the people of Brooklyn was brief. Photo by Rosalind Lilly

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