As of right now Shake Shack is doing free deliveries in Brooklyn (this weekend only)

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Free delivery of this to your doorstep is pretty damn appealing, but we're still holding out for the day when you can have clap on delivery via Floo Network. Photo via Shake Shack

The burger gods that be have smiled upon our fair borough: starting two hours ago, Shake Shack has been making free deliveries to Brooklyn and Queens.

There’s no delivery fees, no premium prices, just good ol’ Shake Shack straight to your apartment. This dangerously appealing offer is good from 11am today to 11pm Sunday.

You can thank San Francisco-based restaurant delivery site Caviar for this opportunity.

The only catch is that there’s a maximum subtotal on delivery orders: you must order $75 or less from the Dumbo Shake Shack and $60 or less from the Flatbush location. But hey, there’s no delivery fee, so if you go over the limit, just make a second order.

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