Cool jobs alert: Eater, Bushwick Daily, New York Post all hiring writers

So what if there’s not a functional financial model for journalism at the moment – the internet is hot stuff, if difficult to milk for cash, and whether it’s due to high turnover or expansion (hopefully the latter) two national outlets and one lovely local site are hiring writers.

Do you dream of your byline up in lights, backlit on MacBooks all across the Tri-State Area and, occasionally, beyond? Is it your wish to become a news junkie obsessed, respectively, with the restaurant industry and food, Bushwick and its border nabes, and NYC generally? The ticket is here, submit your application, take the ride.

Eater is hiring an Engagement Editor, a job which will require a lot more in-house writing than the other two jobs for hire. The gig sounds like a good fit for the managerial type – you’ll be overseeing “social and audience growth strategies” and working with Eater’s Executive Producer on the social video program. Make Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter your job, and maybe squeeze a byline in here and there (if you have time).

Meanwhile, in Bushwick, the Bushwick Daily is expanding into Ridgewood and East Williamsburg and is looking for area residents to cover it. They need all types of freelancers as well as a temporary managing editor/writer to replace the big shoes of current managing editor Magdalena Waz, who has left New York for presumably warmer, more affordable shores (San Francisco is the only American housing rivaling NYC in unaffordability, so pretty much she needs to have moved anywhere but SF for it to constitute warmer and more affordable than here). You’ll be writing, assigning and editing articles.

Over at the New York Post, the features department is looking for a full-time reporter. You’re gonna be doing lots of interviews and writing, and it sounds like the gig will also involve a lot of independence – but then, all these jobs do.

Last and most importantly: Brokelyn is always open to freelance submissions, hit us up: [email protected].

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