Cool job alert: Story Pirates hiring actors to tell kids’ tales

story pirates
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You can act, but you’re not on Broadway yet. We mean, you wait some tables on Broadway, the block, but it’s not quite the same. Here’s a good break though, that could let you escape the monotony of not acting: Story Pirates, the traveling troupe of actors that solicit stories from kids and then makes plays out of the stories, is hiring actors for the 2014-15 season. You’ve gotta like kids, or failing that, be such a good actor that people think you do.

Story Pirates, for the uninitiated, is an educational non-profit that solicits stories from children and then performs them, with a troupe of improv actors and comedians. The stories are performed at schools, on the group’s YouTube channel on their official podcast. So you want to perform stories along with Conan O’Brien written by children? Well, the job listing doesn’t have too many stringent requirements, so just make sure you can fit the few that are there.

The group wants some actors with improv or comedy experience, especially if you’ve also got teaching experience or know Spanish, and you’ll also need a flexible schedule. If you’re inivted to audution, the auditions for the troupe will take place Monday, September 8 and Wednesday and Thursday September 10 and 11, between 9am and 11pm. So if you can be charming around children and know how to move fast on your feet while you’re acting, shoot an email to casting [AT] with the subject NYC CASTING 2014. Good luck, and just remember, these aren’t actual bloodthirsty pirates, so leave your cutlass at home.

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