Cool gig alert: Bushwick’s Silent Barn is hiring part-time help

Silent Barn is looking for a few good friends of the arts to join the staff. Via Facebook.
Silent Barn is looking for a few good friends of the arts to join the staff. Via Facebook.

Here is a sampling of the kinds of events that have come to Silent Barn in the past few months: An ABC No Rio in Exile party, Young Republicans (the band), Festival of Noise and Experimental Liberation, Queers for Flint, The Coathangers (the band), a “Between Two Berns” Bernie Sanders benefit, a Punk + Hip-Hop Remix Against Raids and a weekly Art for Tots that temporarily lowers the average age at the venue to 5. I also once also saw a 1oo percent dinosaur party there, during which someone read dinosaur erotica and another did a burlesque dance wearing a very large purple Barney head.

This is fairly representative of the slate of culturally adventurous and DIY events Silent Barn supports in its Bushwick collective space that’s also an art gallery/studio/hair cutting salon. If these are the kinds of things that make your artistic spidey sense go all tingly, then maybe you should work there: Silent Barn is hiring two positions to help run the programming and do other administrative tasks to keep the place running.Silent Barn is hiring two part-time positions: an operations coordinator, who “facilitates all day-to-day operations of the organization and acts as the administrative backbone of the collective,” including general bookkeeping, payroll, permits, invoicing and purchasing. The job is four days a week.

The other gig is a programs administrator, who oversees show-related administrative tasks such as staffing, bookkeeping, equipment management and other operational tasks. This job starts at one to two days a week with the chance to increase hours in the future. Find out more on both jobs here.

Applications due by July 1 (that’s Friday!); ideal start date is Aug. 1, dinosaur burlesque skills not required but it probably couldn’t hurt.

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