Congratulations NYC, we have the biggest tech gender gap in America!

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New York City’s tech scene, basically. via Facebook

New York City’s tech scene is really booming, or so we’ve been led to believe, what with the coining of the phrase “Silicon Alley” and the whole Brooklyn Tech Triangle thing. Which is good we guess in the sense that it brings jobs, but it looks like it also brings some of the bad parts about the meritocracy that is tech, like the fact that it’s mostly a bunch of dudes in the boardroom yelling “DISRUPT” into their Google Glass or whatever. In fact, New Yorker’s tech scene is so good at excluding women in the boardroom that we lead the nation in it, with just 38% of NYC tech companies having a female executive on their board.

Crain’s reports that the 2014 Innovation Economy Outlook Survey, included a question about the tech gender gap, asking tech executives around the world how many had a a woman on their board or as a high-level executive. In Silicon Valley and Boston, the numbers were still low, at 44% and 48% of companies respectively, but New York blew the nation away with just 38% of tech companies employing a female executive. That’s New York for you, always striving to be the best, even at being the worst.

Of course, if you’re a woman who wants to smash the patriarchy with your hammer made of binary code, allow us to point you to our guide on how to learn to code in New York City. After all, the only thing that stops a patriarchy with code is a matriarchy with code. And possibly with an actual hammer.

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  1. I thought that board members / executives were evil?
    So why would Women aspire to be one of the “1 percent” evil overlords?
    I mean, isn’t this like pointing out that only 5 percent of top Nazis were women?

    • because that’s unfortunately a metric used in business. i’d be interested in mbwe startups in nyc though; i bet we’re actually quite good at that.

  2. If they only make up 38% of executives they really should get their act together and step up to the plate. American women should be ashamed of themselves for their poor performance in the workplace.

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