New website hooks you up with jobs in the Brooklyn Tech Triangle

Want to have a job making sure Biolite stoves don’t explode when people use them? A new website can help. via Facebook

Technology: it’s hot (as you can see above)! Everyone’s trying to get down with internet companies and small manufacturing jobs, and the includes the people of Brooklyn. The only difference between us and some wannabes is that we have ourselves a genuine tech triangle made of Downtown Brooklyn, the Navy Yard and DUMBO, where startups and light manufacturing are incubated like so many fluffy baby chicks. Wanna get in on this sweet warm incubated action? A new website has collected all the jobs offered up in the tech triangle.

The Brooklyn Tech Triangle has set up a site with jobs from all sorts of companies Downtown, in the Navy Yard and DUMBO. Companies like Aero, MakerBot, Biolite, our own pals at Blank Slate and El Diario. The jobs are available in a wide range of areas, from copywriting to product testing and development to being in charge of an office or marketing. Just remember the words of wisdom from Rich Jones that while these startups have awesome perks like ping pong tables, it’s because the jobs can be really hard and frustrating. These are serious places of business, so don’t wear a Hawaiian shirt to your interview is what we’re saying.

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