Coney Island Brewery to celebrate bar workers with Monday Industry Nights all summer

Bartending is a job that tests a person’s humanity on a daily basis. From putting up with foreign tourists unfamiliar with the concept of tipping to dealing with bridge and tunnel trash five cocktails beyond their limit, it is not a gig for the faint of heart. As an indirect reward for the endless patience and restraint of industry professionals, Coney Island Brewery will be giving them a nod all summer long at Monday night Industry Nights.

Coney Island Brewery – a Beer Book bar – will be hosting the well-earned weekly event from 5pm to 8pm Mondays, every Monday. There’ll be happy hour pricing for all, but card carrying bartenders and known local bar staff will be the evening’s royalty.

The brewery is now in its third year of life and offers a variety of brewed on premises IPAs, pilsners, and lagers. You’ve probably drank their drink elsewhere, but drinking drinks in the place they were born is more fun.

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