Ample Hills now has election-themed ice cream flavors

Get yours before they're all sold out
Get yours before they’re all sold out. via Ample Hills / IG

If a drinking game wasn’t enough to sate your taste buds for the presidential debates tonight, then this is a sher-bet: Ample Hills just released two presidential ice cream flavors, Food & Wine reports: The “Madam President,” after Hillary Clinton, and the “Make America Orange Again,” after Donald Trump.

The Hillary flavor is spicy chocolate, and Trump’s is orange-marshmallow. Unsurprisingly, the second one sounds like a pretty disgusting combination.

From now through Election Day, you’ll be able to buy these flavors by the scoop for $4-7, or by the $9 pint. And since gags like this are best served cold, with a side of good karma, a portion of the sale profits will go to Let Girls Learn, First Lady Michelle Obama’s organization for young women.

This isn’t the first food-related attack New York eateries have unleashed against would-be  — shudder — president Donald Trump; the “Trump Sandwich” is a favorite at bodegas around the borough. It consists of white bread, bologna, russian dressing and a small pickle. Some add white American cheese.

And while Hillary’s flavor sounds tasty and brings a satisfying literal twist to her “Chillary” nickname, spicy chocolate? It doesn’t seem to describe the POTUS hopeful, and the slogan on the tub brands her as “sugar and spice and women’s rights.” If you ask us, Hillary should be vanilla-based (she’s still the establishment, after all) and come with nuts, since she’s grabbed pretty much all the men in her industry by them.

One thing’s for sure, this ice cream is going to sell out before you can get your hands on it unless you get out of the office soon and head down to Ample Hills Creamery in Gowanus (305 Nevins St.) or Prospect Heights (623 Vanderbilt Ave.) for a pint.

May the odds of this election be ever in your flavor, Madam President.

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