This Brooklyn literary landmark guide is actually pretty sweet

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Brooklyn Lit League, assemble! Can you name all these BK authors?

National magazines takes on the to-do and must-see in Brooklyn are usually overly broad guides to the borough that are usually about as helpful as reading its Wikipedia page. But this brand new guide to literary Brooklyn from CondeNast Traveler is actually packed full of fun info and author tips that even wizened locals can appreciate. I mean, just look at all those local lit all stars they got for that photo! It’s like one of them Vanity Fair covers! The guide focuses on four nabes (West Brooklyn, Fort Greene, Williamsburg/GP and Park Slope) and breaks down each by its bookish bonafides: from the best bookstores and bars to “Best Place to Hear Elegant Sentences Accompanied by an Accordion” and other esoteric interests. The best part is Local’s Picks,where authors such as Jennifer Egan, Jonathan Ames and Paul Auster give input. Read a excerpts below, but catch the whole thing!

The guide is probably most useful to newcomers and visitors to town, but it gives us locals another way to stalk our favorite authors. According to CondeNast Traveler…

BAM offers the best value literary dinner as part of its Eat, Drink & Be Literary series.

The Pulitzer-Prize winning Jennifer Egan says the best place to keep the entire family occupied is Graziella’s, with its thin-crust pizza, wine for the grown-ups, and “so many kinds of people and configurations colliding.”

Jami Attenberg, author of The Melting Season, says she likes Rabbithole in Williamsburg, “a good place for reading in the mornings—quiet, empty, cool, serene” (352 Bedford Ave.), and “scrappy little Supercore, a Japanese café that has the best secret backyard on Bedford Avenue.”

The Brooklyn Inn is the best bar for flirting with famous novelists. But you probably knew that already, right?

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