So, how was your commute?

winter storm janus
It’s gonna be like this for awhile. Photo by Dave Colon

The snow has snowed and the city has fallen back into the grip of a polar vortex. What a great time to have to go to work! In some ways, it’s more difficult to get to work today than when it was actually snowing yesterday, given that it’s colder and that snow has had a night to freeze to the ground and make things slippery. So, we’d like to know, how was it getting to work today?

Did you show up late, confident that everyone else in your office was gonna be dragging ass or blaming slow trains anyway? Move very, very slowly through the streets because you didn’t want to slip and fall in front of everyone? For your sake, we hope you didn’t end up with a seat on the bus right above the wheels with the chains on them, that kind of rattling is no way to welcome the day. Or, did your company just tell you to forget stomping through the snow, and work from home instead. In which case, did you just go sledding or drink hot chocolate instead of working?

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