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The best places to sled in New York City

sledding in brooklyn
Off you go. via Flickr user Phillip Stearns

For some of you, today is a snow day. Not us, bloggers don’t get snow days. But if your office is sending you home early, or just telling you not to come in, your thoughts might be turning to dreams of sliding down hills on a sled, or a garbage can lid or whatever else you can turn into a sled. But where? WNYC had the same question, and is answering it with a crowdsourced sledding spot map where people can add the places they like and brief descriptions of the spots.

As you can see, the map isn’t limited to Prospect Park, which will probably be crowded. You can also enjoy the Fort Greene Park stairs, 96th Street and Shore Road and even the BQE Exit 28B off-ramp, although one of the warnings is “don’t slide into traffic.” So obviously let’s all go there, because we’re young, invincible and will never die. Happy snow day!

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