Submit ideas to this fest to show off your theatrical superpowers

Maybe you'll write the next strong female lead. Via Facebook
Maybe you’ll write the next strong female lead for the Comic Book Theater Festival . Via Facebook

Hey, nerds, nerd lovers, and nerd wannabes: ready to geek out? Do you have some secret superpowers you’re ready to show off on stage? Want to choreograph the most embarrassing moment of your life and invite your middle school PE teacher to relive the glory? If you have ideas for plays, comic books, or both brewing in your super-awesome superhero brain, this is your chance to get them in the spotlight.

After a successful run in 2011, the Comic Book Theater Festival is returning in June 2014 to The Brick Theater in Williamsburg. The festival will “explore the intersection of the panel and the stage, the live and the drawn, the ink and the actor,” according to The Brick, a former auto-body shop turned state-of-the-art theater complex. But before the festival can schedule any performances, it needs new material. The call for long- and short-form submissions is open from now until January 15.

The purpose of the festival is to forge an alliance between comic artists and theater artists, to combine one of the oldest forms of art with one of the newest. Each show in The Comic Book Theater Festival will have both a stage component for a live audience and an illustrated component available on paper or online. If you want to adapt an existing comic (like The Public’s “Fun Home”) into a staged version or create a completely new masterpiece, visit the festival page, apply using this form or email [email protected] for more information.

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