Breakup with Breakneck Ridge: The other Cold Spring area hikes

Hikes around Cold Spring

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Breakneck Ridge gets a lot of press (and its own Metro-North stop), but as the days get shorter and the temperature drops, we understand that the strenuous scramble might not be for everyone. Luckily, there are multiple hikes near Cold Spring, NY (a great day trip destination) for whatever level of outdoor adventuring you feel up to. Here are a few we’ve explored recently.

If you’re feeling… kinda outdoorsy: Little Stony Point
We were invited on a day trip with a group of friends who make an annual trek to Cold Spring. We got off the train at the Cold Spring station, stopped for a quick bite to eat and then headed through town on foot to the Little Stony Point trailhead (about a 15 minute walk away). This quick hike (the loop is about a mile) has great views of the Hudson River and is an easy way to get a bit of nature in if you don’t have much time to spend outside.

If you’re feeling… sorta outdoorsy: Bull Hill
If you’re looking for a trailhead close to Cold Spring but you want a bit more of a hike, consider Bull Hill (also known as Mt. Taurus). The trailhead is directly across from Little Stony Point so any train that stops in Cold Spring will get you within walking distance. While you won’t encounter a rock scramble as steep as the one on Breakneck Ridge (see below), you’ll still gain enough elevation to reach overlooks with views of the Hudson River and Storm King Mountain.

If you’re feeling… so outdoorsy: Breakneck Ridge
You’ll need a good pair of hiking boots or shoes for the steep rock scramble at the start of the Breakneck Ridge loop. The initial climb will take about an hour but you’ll be rewarded with a few great lookouts on the way. The actual loop is only about four miles long (you can extend the hike by joining the Wilkinson Memorial Trail) but can take at least 3 hours because of the initial scramble. The Metro-North stops just ahead of the trailhead on weekends or you can take a cab from the Cold Spring station.

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