Cold as ice: The McCarren rink closes on January 5, so get there now

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Don’t stumble on your way to the rink, there’s no time. Photo by Camille Lawhead

Have you been meaning to go to the McCarren Park ice rink, possibly to catch a glimpse of Canada’s own Pat Kiernan, only to put it off every day to get drunk instead? We get it. But that procrastination might cost you a spin around the ice, because the rink will be closing for the year sooner than you think. It closes January 5, to be precise, so you better get there while you can. Especially if you already paid for it with that Groupon.

Curbed reports that the rink will be done this Sunday, but not for any bad reason, like massive bench-clearing brawls that feature goalie fights. Apparently, the opening of the rink was just a dry run to see what kind of attendance the rink drew, the economic benefits it provided to local business and whether it actually made money. But, the rink will be back for 2014-15, so there’s no need to worry, unless it gets turned into some kind of revolutionary tribunal area in the de Blasio Era. In the meantime, you can enjoy the Prospect Park ice rink, which is open¬†and has room for hockey and its attendant bench clearing brawls and goalie fights.

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