Hey cheap-skates: Get this McCarren Park ice rink Groupon

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Be just like Canadian hero Pat Kiernan and get on some skates at McCarren! Photo by Camille Lawhead

In case the snow, or the freezing temperatures or your roommates’ anger at you for not turning the heat on weren’t any indication, let us remind you that it’s winter. So given that it’s winter, it’s time to go ice skating, and lucky for us, Brooklyn has a brand new ice skating rink to take advantage of. Of course, it also costs money, which is a problem, but a Groupon can at least solve part of that problem, cutting the cost of skating there in half. So what are you waiting for?

The Groupon runs you $13 for a day of admission and skate rental for two, at least for Monday through Thursday. With admission at $8 and skate rental $5, it will literally halve the price. If you want to go on a Friday or Sunday, it’ll run you $20, and if you really want to shoot the moon and go on a Saturday (big skating day?) or Christmas Day or the day after Christmas, it’ll cost you $20. But why in god’s name would you try to go ice skating on Christmas or the day after, like some kind of sucker? Just skip work for a day and tell your boss you needed some “you” time out on the ice. She’ll get it.

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