Learn to code for free (even Bloomberg’s doing it)

This is exactly what coding looks like, as we understand it.

Coding (noun): A system of words and numbers jumbled together that form secret messages that only computer geeks and hackers understand … until now. If your new year’s resolution is to secretly take over the world, you might want to learn computer coding first. And you’re in luck! Code Year presented by Code Academy, is the free way how to learn how lines of HTML create a patterned background or JavaScript strands could help restore a failing link. It sends you a weekly tutorial so you can learn how to code at your own pace. There are eight lessons and 41 different exercises, ranging from counting words in a document to putting your own personal spin on pop-up messages. And even Hizzoner is taking part.

Signing up with Code Year is easy (just go here to start learning). Once signed up on the listserve, you’ll receive a weekly coding tutorial. If you can’t wait for Monday’s email, Code Academy offers small exercises on its site. All  lessons come with a scratch pad where you can practice your new tricks. Upon completion of the coding tutorials, you receive congratulatory awards: give yourself a pat on the back, evil doer, etc.

Code Year and Code Academy were started by two guys who knew there was a better way to teach computer programming. Soon everyone, from your mom to Mayor Bloomberg, was itching to learning how to code. With a free lesson sent to your inbox every week, you soon will be building new applications for your iPhone in a matter of mere weeks. Yes, let your evil genius laugh out and start plotting.

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