Brokelyn’s guide to the CMJ fest

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Hollerado, Thursday night at Union Pool.

You can finally sleep without flipping the pillow to get the cool side, pumpkin ale is in abundance, and all those pesky frat boys are back in town. Yes, fall is in full force and you know what that means? Besides  exorbitant gas bills, the CMJ Music Marathon!!! College Music Journal brings its annual weeklong band showcase to your neck of the woods for low, low prices. We browsed through the show list and picked out the best and brightest Brooklyn shows we think are worth your precious time.

Willowz, Wednesday, Oct. 21, 8 p.m. Trash (256 Grand St.) price tba
If you’ve seen Michel Gondry’s The Science of Sleep, then you’re probably familiar with the Willowz’ funky/punky garage rock sounds. If not, high tail it to Trash on Wednesday. This band may actually make you wanna uncross your plaid-clad arms.

Hollerado, Thursday, Oct. 22,  8 p.m., Union Pool (484 Union Ave.) price tba
Contrary to what you might assume, Hollerado are not in fact from Colorado. Instead they hail from that country we love to hate and hate to love: Canada. All jokes aside, this act dishes out power pop that even Jack White can get behind. Mr. White himself chose them to open for his zillionth new band. Incentive? I think yes.

Japandroids, Friday, Oct. 23,  7 p.m. Bell House (149 7th St.) $12
Hollerado’s Canadian comrades take on Gowanus this Friday at the Bell House. Citing their influences as the Sonics and “your sister,” Japandroids are two dudes that play infectious fuzz rock. Self-described “sweethearts still naïve enough to think they’ll never sell out,” Brian, Dave, and your sister are worth checking out.

EAR PWR, Saturday, Oct. 24, 11 PM, Cameo Gallery (93 N 6th St.) price tba
Guaranteed EAR PWR will make even the most cynical scenester bust a move. Or not.  But they’ll at least make you tap your feet to the electro pop beats and the distorted shouts coming from the duo’s megaphone. Living proof that tobacco and OBX car stickers ain’t the only thing North Carolina’s got going for it.

An Albatross, Sunday, Oct. 25, 12:30 AM Union Pool (484 Union Ave.) $10
An Albatross will make you feel like you’ve died and descended into the Seventh Circle of Hell. In an awesome way.  The  PA noise rock band is known for their out of control live shows and with an EP entitled Eat Thunder, Shit Lightning. How can you not be intrigued?


  1. being “brokelyn” i would have taken you to feature all the great, FREE shows, that CMJ brings to town. Way to miss the mark.

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