ClickHole Live is bringing its viral spew to East W’burg next month

You’ve read the articles surreptitiously at work, attempting to maintain the illusion of productivity while knee-deep in ClickHole classics like How New York Are You? and Google Has Confirmed That Its Computer Is Big – now you have the opportunity to experience such irreverent humor live and in person. ClickHole,  the Onion’s little brother and righteous mocker of clickbait, has been holding its Live performances in Chicago since 2015 but is only now making its East Coast Debut.

You can’t laugh your government away, but you can laugh your stress about them into a slightly deeper (click)hole for a few hours.

Tickets are $15 and the show is on Saturday, October 14, 9pm at Sunnyvale on 1031 Grand St., East Williamsburg (ClickHole refers to the venue as being in Bushwick on the event page, but for all the laughs they’ve given us, we’ll give ’em a pass on this one).

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