Clearly a good time: See a free Angel Haze/Death Set show at House of Vans

angel haze
Just you and her and 899 of your closest friends. via Facebook

We’re all eagerly awaiting the schedule for the House of Vans free shows to drop, since even if we didn’t live a blog about living big on small change, we’d love free music in interesting places. We’ll have to keep waiting for a bit though, since it’s still not out. In the meantime though, we can tide ourselves over with a free Angel Haze/Death Set show at the House of Vans in June.

Angel Haze, fresh off her coronation as a Brooklyn influencer that truly show she runs New York, will take the stage with party starters the (motherfucking) Death Set on June 7, for the low low price of absolutely free. The show is sponsored by Zumiez, and you know what a sponsor means – free beer! You can even skate at this show, at least is the poster is to be believed, what with promising you the chance to “Skate the bowl.”

Technically you can RSVP for the show, but like every free show in the city that asks for RSVPs, it also doesn’t matter because it’s first come, first in, with an audience limited to 900 people. So to reiterate, you get free music, free beer and free skateboarding on June 7, and all you need to do is show up in time to be among the first 900 there. We think it’s worth showing up an hour or two early, but then our battle cry is “Free beer above all.”

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