Little kids would sure love this

1. Sing some spirited karaoke at Glasslands Holiday Party before it’s no more. (Monday)

2. This Christmas comedy spectacular is gonna be one Cool Show. (Monday)

3. Eat free pizza as you watch the citizens of Whoville teach the Grinch a lesson, then see Tim Burton make Christmas all dark and spooky. (Monday)

4. Rev Vince’s Christmas Spectacular at Union Pool features two sets gospel jams. (Monday)

5. Put on your nicest footie pajamas and spend your day watching Christmas movies at Videology. (Tuesday)

6. Get your photo taken with Dirty Santa and enjoy some sacred beer specials at The Chanukkah vs. Christmas Party. (Tuesday)

7. Celebrate the big terrific holidays with the Big Terrific Comedy Show at Cameo Gallery. (Wednesday)

8. Honor the birth of your messiah by spending Christmas at a bar watching the Dr. Who Christmas Special. (Thursday)

9. Be that person who only sings carols the day after Christmas at Union Hall’s Kings of Karaoke. (Friday)

10. Power duo The Sensational Country Blues Wonders promises to turn The Way Station into “a bonafide juke joint.” (Friday)

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