A cheap tour of Prospect-Lefferts

Photo by Stefan Tonio

Lee Avent, the author of this post, is the kind of Brokelyn reader we love: when she noted a dearth of coverage of her own neighborhood, Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, she didn’t merely complain—she gamely volunteered to fill the gap. We now know where to find a $4 margarita, 24-hour jerk chicken, a fast and good tailor (here are some in other neighborhoods too). BTW, we also discovered a handy PLG blog called Hawthorne Street. Hit it, Lee…

Happy Hour on Lincoln Road
You’ve got only two hours, but that’s more than enough time for your cheap, end-of-the-workday beverage at Fly Fish or Café Enduro. Fly Fish (formerly Whiskey Sunday) is part seafood shack and part St. Louis-style BBQ joint, and you can smell the smoked ribs, beef brisket and cheddar biscuits a block away. What you can’t smell are the $5 happy hour specials: spiked lemonade, fresh mint Mojitos and frozen cocktails. And if you’re having a really tight week there’s always a $2 can of PBR. Right next door is Café Enduro with its classic Mexican fare and Mex-spiced American  dishes. It’s also one of the few restaurants in PLG that offers brunch (with outdoor seating at that). But more important is the $4 house Margarita on the rocks during happy hour.

Fly Fish, 47 Lincoln Rd., between Flatbush Ave. and Ocean Ave., 718-282-7098: happy hour everyday, 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.

Café Enduro, 51 Lincoln Rd., 718-282-7097: happy hour Mon. to Fri., 4:30 – 6:30 p.m.

Photo by Stefan Torino
Photo by Stefan Tonio

The $5 Jerk: Morning, Noon and Night
Peppa’s Jerk Chicken was voted “Best Jerk Chicken” by the Village Voice in 2007 and it still holds the title for a good many reasons (though speedy service is not one of them). Even if you’re not a fan of extreme Caribbean spice, try this place out—they don’t over-do it.  You’ll probably find it’s just the right marriage of flavor and kick. And if you need a good cry, their super spicy hot sauce is always on hand.  The $5 jerk chicken special is almost a half chicken—more than enough for one person’s dinner (or lunch, breakfast, whatever).

Peppa’s Jerk Chicken, 738 Flatbush Ave., between Parkside Ave. and Clarkson Ave., 347-712-9341, open 24 hours

The Fast and Furious Tailor: Mohamed of MBJ Tailoring
Mohamed Jalloh has been keeping my wardrobe intact and in shape for the last two years. Don’t be distracted by the African movies sold in the front of the store. In the back you’ll find Jalloh, with his sewing machine, keeping PLG residents looking natty, one pant hem at a time. He charges half the price of dry cleaner/tailors in the area (Pants/Dress Hem from $8, Repairs/Patches from $7, Taking in a shirt/dress from $12) and his turn-around time has me in constant awe.

MBJ Tailoring, 54 Lincoln Rd., between Flatbush Ave. and Ocean Ave., 718-954-5444

Photo by Stefan Torino
Photo by Stefan Tonio

The Store for Everything: GEM Super Value
It might lack the pizazz and celebrity clothing lines of Target but this store will serve your every need from bed to bath and beyond. It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but my entire life has been outfitted by this store. It has met needs I didn’t even know I had. New to the neighborhood and need the move-in basics? Old to the neighborhood and realize you really only have two drinking glasses left? Need a microwave, cleaning supplies, a fresh set of wife-beaters and a glue trap? Leaving town to visit family and want to arrive bearing gifts for your adorable little niece? Get a new suitcase for $22.99 and a Snow White costume for even less.

GEM Super Value Store, 726 Flatbush Ave. near Parkside Ave., 718-469-9626, Mon. to Sat. 9 to 9, Sun 10 to 7


  1. Chris E.

    I’ve been meaning to get to Peppa’s forever, but never knew it was open 24 hours. Now I know where my next late-night craving is going to lead me…. Thanks!

  2. Michelle

    Sometimes Peppa’s looks like it’s closed for a bit at 10 in the morning, maybe they just put the gate down because they’re washing the floor or something? It’s really busy at 4 and 5am though, totally packed from sunset to sunrise on weekends.

    Another bargain is the Jamaican beef patty on coco bread at the Jamaican Pride bakery across the street from Peppa’s. It’s $2 and change.

    I think GEM is sooo depressing for some reason but they have good deals there. I got $3 bath towels that are very thick and luxurious and 100% cotton.

  3. Beth M

    Fly Fish closed in early December. They did have good drink specials, and it’s too bad they didn’t turn it into a full-on bar. That might have saved the place.

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