Reader tip of the week: great, affordable acupuncture

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Brooklyn Acupuncture Project. Photo by Levi Max Stolove.

Brokelyn reader Erin Hanafy writes in with the following tip: I’ve been going to the The Brooklyn Acupuncture Project (3rd Ave., between 12th and 13th Streets) for a couple of months, and the staff is excellent, the office space is pretty and, best of all, you pay whatever you feel you can pay.

If your income is zero, you can pay zero. They have a suggested payment sliding scale, but it’s still cheaper than most acupuncture clinics. For people making $75K and up, they suggest a payment of $40 and up. Most places charge $90 per session. The reason they can charge less is that you don’t get a private room when you’re being treated, but it’s no big deal because it’s not like you have to take your clothes off. You just lie in a reclining chair and relax for an hour while the needles are in. I went to another acupuncturist last year in Cobble Hill and I liked her,  but I’ve had more progress on my health issues with the acupuncturists here. They really know what they’re doing.

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  1. City Acupunture of NY (near union square is the same deal. Open space, new age music but they do a sliding scale from $25 to $50. You pay what you want and the staff is very friendly.

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