Chant the word ‘tomato’ for 15 minutes at a surrealist W’burg carnival on Saturday

Disorient and distract yourself from the state of the world this weekend by immersing your mind in a bizarre circus of performance. The Forever Festival XYZ will take place in an East Williamsbug warehouse at 315 Ten Eyck St. this Saturday; that information and a quick look at the event website should sufficiently vouch for what a strange night it’ll be.

The “surrealist celebration” will feature an “absurdist ceremony,” and attendees are encouraged to dress to confuse, no further details provided. Interpret as you will, just get trippy, and trust that all questions will be answered. As the string of Japanese text states on the site, “The future is impossible, why not enjoy your time?”

There will be acrobats, a dance troupe, provocateurs, musical acts, Craigslist performers, sensory perception booths, roaming musicians, THE choir of angels, and baptisms, not to mention a children’s play called Henry Enters The Interdimensional Warp and a cash bar. Also, Caribbean food. The word “tomato” will be chanted for fifteen minutes.

Tickets are $20, a cover fee which earned its worth in the poetically bizarre lineup alone. See you all down the rabbit hole from 8pm to 4am this Saturday.

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