A play about hell on Earth? I’ll drink to that! (plus a special Brokelyn discount)

If you’ve ever wanted to experience life in a ghost town (honestly, who hasn’t?) but don’t have patience or time to travel, the good people at the experimental theater company Ugly Rhino Productions are bringing a ghost town to Brooklyn. Starting tomorrow (March 2) and running every Friday for four weeks at the Brooklyn Lyceum, Ugly Rhino will present “Centralia: A Nice Place to Live,” a play about a real-life Mordor in the midst of the Middle Earth that is Pennsylvania. Since it’s experimental, admission includes six signature cocktails to pull you deeper into the story. And the best part for Brokelyn readers?  You get $5 off the price of the $25 admission for the shows tomorrow (3/2) and March 9 when you mention Brokelyn at the Centralia box office!

Background on Centralia: An underground mine fire began raging in 1962, and a network of old mines kept firefighters from putting it out. The fire continues to burn today. Almost of the residents fled when the government condemned the town, but nine hearty souls remained, and they’re the subjects of the play.

The play takes viewers into the fictionalized stories of these survivors. According to The Brooklyn Paper, the play will “explore themes of eminent domain, social strife, environmental disaster, small-town ethos and the fire that tore a community apart.”  To do this, Ugly Rhino has reproduced six of the town’s houses inside of the Brooklyn Lyceum warehouse space. In each “house,” stories are paired with a signature cocktail that’s “specially designed to pull you further into the lives of the residents.”

“Centralia: A Nice Place to Live,” at the Brooklyn Lyceum. March 2, 9, 16 and 23, 8pm.  Tickets are $25 ($20 when you mention Brokelyn), includes six specialty cocktails. For more, visit www.uglyrhinonyc.com.


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