Celebrate Lou Reed’s birthday and 14 other free things to do this week

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True, this picture was taken at the Mermaid Parade, but you know Lou Reed would look just as non-plussed at a birthday party. via the Long Island Music Hall of Fame’s Facebook

1. Want the whole story of where Pussy Riot came from? Get it from reporter Masha Gessen, who’ll be talking about her book Words Will Break Cement: The Passion of Pussy Riot at BookCourt (Monday)

2. Apocalypse Wow is celebrating their sweet sixteenth show of providing free laughs to people, so show up to Cameo dressed appropriately and ready to party (Monday)

3. Nitehawk Cinema’s Simpsons Club is starting their countdown of their 17 favorite Simpsons episodes to celebrate one year of existence  (Monday)

4. If you missed Richard Hell talk about his book I Dreamed I Was A Very Clean Tramp when it came out in hardcover, catch him at the party for the most more flexible paperback edition at powerHouse (Tuesday)

5. Muchmore’s Wild at Heart comedy show has MST3K’s Frank Conniff, six other comedians and an Isabella Rossellini lookalike contest, which is a lot of stuff for free (Tuesday)

6. If you missed the Mardi Gras celebrations this weekend, just be extra, New Orelans-style irresponsible and celebrate it on a work night at the Way Station (Tuesday)

7. The Saint Catherine is kicking off a month-long Tuesday trivia night, sponsored by Shipyard Brewing, and there are special bonuses promised. Hopefully beer-related special bonus prizes (Tuesday)

8. People’s Republic of Brooklyn’s Manifesto! welcomes Sam Grittner of Tonight on GIRLS, but let him do his set, don’t just yell for Twitter jokes (Tuesday)

9. Learn how artists can use social media for more than just self-promoting stunts at Park Slope’s 440 Gallery (Wednesday)

10. The Way Station is celebrating Lou Reed’s birthday with a night of musical tribute. Hopefully they don’t expect him to show up, or they’ll be waiting for their man all night (Wednesday)

11. Videology knows you’re near tears with how brutal this winter has been, so they invite you to cry it out from laughter at ROOMSIES, a night of sketch and standup comedy (Thursday)

12. Learn the giant impact that Fulton Ferry Slip had on transportation history at a lecture the Brooklyn Historical Society, so that you have some fascinating anecdotes for parties (Thursday)

13. South 4th Bar is starting up their karaoke night with King of Karaoke, so get in there now so you can start making a reputation for yourself. A good or bad one is up to you (Thursday)

14. The Brooklyn Night Bazaar welcomes L.A.’s “ambassador of boogie” Dam-Funk. Skipping his performance could unleash another diplomatic crisis, which the world doesn’t need right now (Friday)

15. Party Like It’s 1999 is celebrating Buffy the Vampire Slayer this month, so bring your stake, because you never know when the party could be crashed by pro-vampire agitators (Friday)

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