Celebrate your Independence Day and 15 other free ideas this week

With a speech this good, you can celebrate Independence Day all year

1. Spike Hill’s Game Night is celebrating the Brooklyn Comedy Festival with jokes from Josh Gondelamn, musical duo The Reformed Whores and more good clean fun (Monday)

2. Vanessa Manko drops her debut novel, The Invention of Exile at powerHouse Arena, with a reading and a chat with the former Mr. Padma Laskshmi, Salman Rushdie  (Monday)

3. It’s audience choice night at Coney Island Flicks and Grease was the one that they want, ooh ooh ooh  (Monday)

4. If musicals aren’t your thing, you can always check out documentary Toasted Marshmallows, about mixed race women in America, at the Brooklyn Historical Society (Monday)

5. Comedy show Cubed claims this week’s edition is a fundraiser for an unnamed boys soccer team, which is odd. On the other hand Punderdome champ Rehka Shankar is performing (Monday)

6. Video game night Our Princess is in Another Castle sets up their organic, free range nostalgia at The Roof at the Gowanus Whole Foods. BYO quick thumbs (Tuesday)

7.  Variety show Backfat has some ha-has at Local 61 courtesy of Rob Paravonian, Julia Shiplett and more funny people (Tuesday)

8. Red Hook Flicks reaches the moment we’ve all been waiting for: Watching Bill Pullman give that awesome speech towards the end of Independence Day (Tuesday)

9. Learn all about New York City’s outdoor art scene at WORD, find out if it’s more than just smoking and looking disaffected but outdoors instead of indoors (Wednesday)

10. This week’s edition of the Brooklyn Bridge Park movies is for the birds! No seriously, they’re showing The Birds, so be nice to any pigeons you see on the way there (Wednesday)

11. Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, get on up it’s a screening of Cool Runnings at Amersfort Park time! (Wednesday)

12. Author Jack Livings has a book of short stories about life in contemporary China, and he’d like to tell you all about that book at Greenlight Bookstore (Thursday)

13. Storytelling series Having a Whiskey Coke With You encourages you to come out to Freddy’s, have a drink (a vodka soda maybe) and hear some folks spin some yarns (Thursday)

14. Mates of State stop in to Late Night Basement, Bushwick’s only late night talk show held in the back of Pine Box Rock Shop (Friday)

15. Stop celebrating the 90s and celebrate a year that was really cool, at Party Like It’s 1984, a dance party at The Bell House (Friday)

16. Learn what you’ve been missing in the Cleveland comedy scene since you left, with documentary Make Fun at Videology, you lousy Midwest transplant (Friday)

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