Celebrate Devo and 18 more ways to whip it this week

We've got a good feeling about this one. via Devo
We’ve got a good feeling about this one. via Devo

1. Hear from several community art events organizers in our fair borough at the monthly Art Talks Brooklyn. (Tuesday, FREE)

2. Look over your shoulder to see if Tynan DeLong, Marcia Belsky, Mike Abrusci are creeping up to make you laugh (Tuesday, FREE)

3. Celebrate 10 terrifically literary years with Europa Editions (Tuesday, FREE)

4. Not for the klutzy: See an orchestra where all the instruments are made of glass. (Tuesday, FREE)

5. Do your best to follow along during Morbid Anatomy’s evening of non-linear narrative. (Tuesday, $5)

6. Don’t go into the water! Instead, go into the backyard at the People’s Republic of Brooklyn and watch their screening of Jaws. (Tuesday, FREE)

7. These are the people in your neighborhood: Voices of Brooklyn pairs local music with stories from local folks, this month with Makar and the women of Workers Justice Project. (Wednesday, FREE)

8. Cringe mightily at Union Hall as storytellers relive their most embarrassing schooldays. (Wednesday, $6)

9. Figure out how to #SaveNYC with a discussion on small business survival in North Bk. (Wednesday, FREE)

10. Get to know the kids down the block through their artistry at the Living Gallery’s Brownsville Student Exhibition. (Thursday, FREE)

11. Don your energy dome headwear and prepare to whip it at the 33 1/3 comedy tribute to Devo’s Freedom of Choice. (Thursday, $10)

12. Attend the Unisex sketch show, which promises to be “titillating as well as terrifying.” (Thursday, $5)

13. Grab your cool cats and groovy chicks and head to a sweet 60s comedy soirée. (Thursday, FREE)

14. Prep your best over-the-top attire (suggestions include “Just escaped  a cult realness” and “Butch queen first time at a ball”) for the 9 Lives Drag Ball. (Thursday, $5)

15. Try not to break a tooth on the thermostabilized and dehydrated ingredients at the Menu for Mars kitchen. (Friday, FREE)

16. Gaze into the night sky with artist George Ferrandi’s “cosmological narrative” Star!Star!Star!Circle! (Friday, FREE)

17. We can’t help the fact that you have to go to work, but Transportation Alternatives will throw you a party for biking home. (Friday, FREE)

18. Indulge in some good old-fashioned mindful destruction at Everyhere Logistics’ smashing fundraiser. (Friday, $10)

19. Make a trail of breadcrumbs to find your way home from this group art show. (Friday, FREE)

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