PSA: You owe your December-born friends a drink

December babies get the short end of the stick when it comes to gift giving, weather, and general birthday party options. With Seasonal Affective Disorder beginning to set in and everyone you know and love away for the holidays or convinced it’s acceptable to give combination birthday-holiday gifts, a December birthday is a bum deal.

In honor of the nuanced combination of natural and cultural phenomenon that come together just to make December birthdays less fun, longtime Brokester Sam Corbin and the skint are joining forces to throw a December Babies Birthday Party in Gowanus, at Littlefield (635 Sackett St.) this month. The bash, which will be on Friday, December 15 from 10:30pm to 4am, is free for December babies (who bring proof, AKA IDs) and $5 for the rest of you. Buy your ticket or RSVP here.

The dress code is casual but birthday suits will not be tolerated.

And now, an insightful word from Sam Corbin on what it’s like growing up a December babay:

Folks, indulge me in a mixed metaphor: December is the stage manager of months. It keeps the other months on track all year long, bearing the weight of mass scheduling and holiday conflicts, patiently awaiting its time to shine; and when it finally takes the stage, everyone has already gone home.

If you were born in December, your birthday has likely always been a kind of miserable day of half-hoping your friends would remember while coping with the obvious signs that they haven’t: undecorated lockers in high school (“Sorry, exams season!”), a resounding Can’t Go RSVP on your party invites (“Sorry, vacation!”), confusingly modest hybrids of holiday and birthday gifts, and the general pall that comes with celebrating still being alive on a cold, grey December day.

So this year, it’s our turn. This is a revenge birthday party for all the forgotten December babies who just want some damn cake with their name on it and a room full of good people cheering them on. One night may not make up for all those years of deflated plans and never-inflated balloons, but getting drunk and eating cake sure helps.

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