Catch ‘Lincoln’ for a five spot at an AMC theater today


Today, as we all know, is President’s Day a time to pay respect to some of our greatest (Washington, Lincoln) and more forgotten (Zachary Taylor, anyone?) presidents. Usually through consumer capitalism, because what else are we going to do, solemnly read the Constitution by candlelight? This year, all the attention is focused on Abe Lincoln, America’s tallest president, because Steven Spielberg went and made an Oscar-nominated movie about him. Haven’t seen it yet? Well, your laziness is about to pay off for you.

Abe Lincoln, as we all know, is on the five dollar bill. And the people who run the AMC movie theatre chain have put two and two together and figured that for President’s Day, they’d let people seeĀ Lincoln for the mere price of a Lincoln. Just print out this coupon right here and find an AMC theatre showing it. Might we suggest the Lincoln Square one? That’s right: five bucks to see a movie at a huge corporate theater chain. Whatever it is Abe Lincoln is famous for, this will no doubt replace it as his legacy.

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