Catch a Bob’s Burgers all-star comedy show tonight at Splitty for just five bucks

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Will Eugene have alpacas with him? You won’t know until you find out. via Facebook

A great thing about Brooklyn is that famous people you see on TV, or whose animated selves you see on TV in this case, just kind of live everywhere. Case in point: Bob’s Burgers‘ Larry Murphy lives so close to Clinton Hill’s Splitty (415 Myrtle Avenue) that he decided to put together a weekly comedy night there. He’s opening it with a bang too, bringing a couple of his co-stars, Jon Benjamin and Eugene Mirman, and a Brokelyn favorite, Kate Berlant, along with him tonight. Plus, it won’t cost you more than a Lincoln (the bill, not the coin).

Splitty’s comedy nights, called Mrytle Comedy, are going to be happening weekly, but who knows if the lineup is always going to be this star-studded. Tonight though you can catch some residual fame from people beyond Murphyy, who’s gonna be there every week, when your TV’s own Eugene Mirman and Jon Benjamin stand in front of you and tell jokes for just five bucks. Plus, if you haven’t seen Kate Berlant tell jokes live yet, you haven’t lived. Seriously, you might be a ghost in that case, so we’d get over there to see her before your non-corporeality costs you a job offer or a an apartment you really wanted .

Myrtle Comedy, tonight, 8pm, Splitty, 415 Myrtle Avenue, $5

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