The cast of ‘The Bedford Stop’ defend themselves, claim they’re not rich

Real, but also unreal
Real, but also unreal

We all had a good old time on the ol’ internet dot com yesterday laughing at or getting angry at purported reality show The Bedford Stop, a true life documentation of some 20somethings eating brunch and arguing and looking for husbands on a location-based sex app. “Is it real?” people wondered. Leaving behind the deeper philosophical notions of what reality truly is anyway, the answer is yes, the show and the people behind it are real, as revealed in this interview they did with Bedford + Bowery. B+B talked with the director and two cast memebers at length, but the biggest revelation is definitely the cast members insisting that just like you, they’re broke.

While you can read all about how director Mikey Ortiz found the four girls (he met them at brunch, of course), what shows they like (The Hills) and lots of other stuff, there’s really nothing like just seeing the Alex Sosner and Olena Yatsyuk explain the show and how they’re totally broke and struggling, just like you:

“People are dying to see what we live and what we do,” Alex said.

“I think brunch is kind of, like, a lifestyle for me,” Olena explained. “I like day drinking and going home, taking a nap, and going out again. Eggs Benedict are, like, my life.”

“We are friends with a ridiculous group of people– but I’m sure everyone has that, and that’s why people like this, because it’s relatable.”

“No, I’m broke– but that’s OK, I’m chic-broke,” Olena said. “I ate leftovers today from the Meatball Shop [two days ago]– I just eat brunch and then I don’t eat dinner”

“You’d think we’d make a lot of money, but we don’t,” she said. “But I like the lifestyle that I live, and I’m not going to give that up, so I figure it out.”

Those are favorite quotes from the show, but honestly, go and read the whole thing, you’ll be doing yourself a favor. Unless you give yourself some kind of anger stroke, but if you find that happening, just repeat these calming words to yourself: “Forget it, Jake. It’s Williamsburgtown.”

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