‘Carrie’-themed Halloween prom at Mary’s Bar looks like bloody fun

How you'll feel if you miss this party
How you’ll feel if you miss this party

It must be because it’s fall that everyone is stuck on school stuff, that or we’re caught in some kind of inescapable nostalgia trap Still, here it is, because we’ve taken you to homecoming and now Mary’s Bar in Park Slope wants to take you to prom. Mary’s Bar isn’t having just any prom though, they’re having a prom on Halloween itself. A Carrie-themed Halloween prom. Wear something nice, but not so nice that you can’t get it covered in blood or burnt up in it.

As we all know, it’s a great idea to combine a prom and Halloween, because it’s not like both of those days aren’t traditionally haunted events or anything. That being said, we think you should get a prom date for this anyway, because beyond having a reason to dress in weird 70s clothes, you could be rewarded for it with you and your date being named prom king and queen. It’s not just an empty title, the winners crowned at midnight can drink for free for the rest of the night. Plus, look at this insane promo video:

So yeah, wear something that could get some red stains on it, head to Mary’s at 9pm on Halloween and whatever you do, don’t tell your weirdo religious mom that you’re going or she’ll flip out and try to lock you in the prayer closet. And no one wants that.

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