Cargo Bike Collective makes yet another argument against cars

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Who needs a car?

Brooklyn is home to plenty of cars, but do they ever really go anywhere? Anyone who’s ever driven around here and waited through two light cycles to go one block can tell you that, well, no, not always. Still, people really like their cars, and one argument that’s tough to argue against is that cars can transport more stuff through the city than a bike. But the Ditmas Park Corner talked to a new group that’s changing the equation by rolling out a fleet of cargo bikes.

The Cargo Bike Collective is a small group that has been “actively providing delivery services on a trial basis with small businesses, doing grocery delivery, collecting food scraps for compost from residences, offering moving services” to anyone in Brooklyn who asks. And not just in Brooklyn, Joe Sharkey, an organizer and rider with the group, said that they’ve even done inter-borough work with the bikes but obviously staying local is easier.

Currently, the CBC works for free or for donations, but they’re working out a way to price rent one of the bikes, which can hold up to 300 pounds. In the meantime, to raise some funds, the CBC will have a dinner party on March 16 that’s open to anyone. Be sure to check out the rest of the story at the Ditmas Park Corner so you’re up to date on the newest front in the endless war between cars and bikes.

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