car2go is about to change the way you get around Brooklyn


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Who wants to own a car around here? Between insurance, gas and parking, car ownership is just one giant money and time suck in what’s already a stressful city life. That being said, using a car can be helpful sometimes, so fortunately, finally, there’s an easy way to use a car without renting one: car2go. Like Citi Bike but with cars, all you do is find a nearby car, climb in, and drive it to your destination. Then you leave it there, ready for the next person to use.

car2go is coming to Brooklyn on October 25. And if you sign up now, for free, you’ll get 30 minutes of free driving.

With car2go, there’s no monthly fee. Once you’ve signed up, been accepted, and get your card, you pay only for the minutes you use. You see one of their cars on the street (or find it with their app), you just get out your card, grab it and go. When you’re done, you park it in any legal, non-metered parking space in your Brooklyn home area and walk away. Check it out!

You can probably imagine the times it might be handy to grab one of these adorable, easy-to-park cars and hit the road. There are those neighborhoods that are not directly connected to each other by subway, like Carroll Gardens and Prospect Heights. (Or Red Hook and… almost anywhere.) Take an impromptu trip to Coney Island. Get your cat to the vet in no time. The possibilities are endless.

At this point, you probably have a lot of questions. Check out car2go’s website for FAQs on signing up, driving, and parking. And don’t forget to sign up now while it’s still free (Promo code: BKLYN), and get 30 minutes of free driving!