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Today only: You can snag some free Nutellasagna

Get this, and don’t pay for it. What a deal! via Robicelli’s

So maybe you were reading about Nutellasagna last week and you really wanted to get some. Then you thought about how you don’t really have enough people to share it with, not enough to lay out $65 for a half tray of it. Well, “Lie down with vegans and miss out on delicious treats made with dairy,” as the old saying goes. You’re in luck though, because if you’ve got nothing else to do Monday, you can get FREE Nutellasanga and all you have to do is go to Manhattan. Which is a sacrifice, we know.

We know, some of you out there are rolling your eyes at the idea of lining up to get free dessert, but hey, secretly we all think you’re this guy so the rest of us will try to get free Nutellasanga Monday. Robicelli’s will be setting up in the Times Square Renaissance Hotel (714 7th Avenue) at 4pm and doling out free half portions of the ridiculous gooey dessert for the first 200 people who show up.



Will you be among those 200? Maybe if you leave work early you will be, and since your boss isn’t giving you a Christmas bonus this year, we think you should just say fuck it and leave at say 3, so you can get your fat kid on.

[h/t Gothamist]

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