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Win over your in-laws this Christmas by showing up with a tray of Nutellasagna from Robicell’s

You can probably just skip dinner for it. via Robicelli’s

Beyond being the time when there’s goodwill towards man and plenty of drinking and gifts for everyone, Christmas is the time when families judge you for what you show up to their holiday dinner for. We know, it’s hard out there when you’re trying to make an impression or even show someone up, but fortunately for you, a Robicelli’s ridiculous Nutellasagna frakenfood should make you the talk of the dinner. Take that, brother who just graduated from Harvard med school!

So yeah, you read that and are seeing the picture correctly. It’s called Nutellasagna and it’s here to fill you up and also probably ruin your teeth if you don’t immediately floss after eating it. Not that having to take a little extra care of your teeth is a price we wouldn’t pay for a food that combines the hearty goodness of lasagna noodles with the sweetness of canoli custard, roasted hazelnuts, Belgian chocolate, Nutella and just for good measure, marshmallows.

You’ll also have to pay a monetary price for it, but we think $65 for half of tray of limited edition holiday goodness is worth it when you consider that it’ll keep your in-laws talking about the food you brought and not asking why a 28-year-old man is still an intern for some reason. Order it by December 21, or face having to buy some Entemann’s.

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