You can see ‘The Warriors’ with El-P and Killer Mike, for free, on Wednesday

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These nice young men want to go to the movies with you. via Facebook

If you are anything like us, which we imagine you must be a little bit because here are reading this website, you’ve been listening to a lot of Run the Jewels lately, whether their first album or new (and FREE) second album. You might be listening to these albums and thinking, “Man, I wanna tell these dudes they spit hot, life-changing fire,” and aren’t you lucky, because you can meet them at Rough Trade Records (64 North 9th Street) on Wednesday, October 29 at a free meet-and-greet. That’s not even the best news though, because the best news is that if you get there early enough, you can see The Warriors with these dudes after the meet.

That’s right, because The Warriors is fucking great and Run the Jewels is fucking great, the first 20 people who show up at the Rough Trade party get passes to watch the The Warriors with the duo. Now, the Rough Trade event starts at 6:30pm, so we’d say you should start lining up…well, now. Got a job? Tell your boss you’re taking a vacation day or a sick day, you can’t work on Wednesday. Of they say no? Flip over your desk, and then flip over his desk too just for good measure, because fuck that dude and fuck work, you’ve gotta go hang out with hip-hop royalty. Can you dig it?

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