Ditmas Park/ Midwood/ Flatbush

You can gawk at a ‘Girls’ filming this week at a Ditmas Park karate studio

girls hbo
Will Laird be there? We hope Laird is there

Girls may have ended their third season looking like Hannah would choose the “MFA” side of the MFA vs. NYC argument and and head off to the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, but we all knew the show wouldn’t just be packing up and moving there. Especially with the University of Iowa saying “No fucking way,” to the show’s request to film on campus. And lo and behold, they’re coming crawling back already, but far away from the show’s usual stomping grounds, with Ditmas Park Corner noticing that the show will be filming in the neighborhood on Thursday and Friday this week. Bring your autograph books/noisemakers, depending on where you fall on the pro vs. anti Girls spectrum.

DP Corner spotted the signs advising people that their cars would be towed in the service of making movie magic along Avenue H, near Coney Island Avenue, Argyle Road and Rugby Road, as well as on Coney Island Avenue between Avenue H and Glenwood Road. They also spoke to the owner of Midwood Martial Arts, who said the show would be taking her studio over on Thursday and Friday, so let your feverish plot speculation about Marnie learning karate begin…now.

As far as we can tell, this is the first of the new crop of shows set in New York to recognize the existence of places in Brooklyn south of Prospect Park. Unless of course it’s just cheaper to film in Ditmas and they’re gonna try to pass it off for Greenpoint or something, like people try to pass Toronto off as New York.  But we doubt it. Or wait…are they gonna try to pass off Ditmas Park as Iowa?


  1. One can only hope that there’s some new super violent drug epidemic that will cleanse us of these vomitious
    poser characters. I would rather deal with some crazy violent homeless man than some chubby self absorbed untalented MFA chick who’s trying to “find herself” and is destined to become a house frau for some hedge fund douche.

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